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The absolute level of leetness. 1. Pwning mother fuckers left and right 2. God of all 3. A all around mother fucking genius
I met this dude he was THORNE god of all, I felt leeter just being around him.
by Teh FBI September 28, 2006
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A gothic/industrial individual who makes things cool but remains unknown. See Davit.
Thorne was here.
by Anonymouserist August 03, 2010
A family of conspiracy theorists that spend their time time causing problems and wondering why everyone hates them.
Everyone in that family is a Thorne in societies side.
by tbaggers July 21, 2008
A nerd who doesn't realize being leet and pwning mofos is really gay.
1: Dude I totally just pwned some noobs on World of Warcraft!
2: Too bad I actually have a life and don't care. You're such a Thorne!
by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa111111111 October 17, 2009

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