Jon-Mikl Thor, the Canadian bodybuilder turned rocker and Z-rated movie star.
A.K.A. "The Legendary Rock Warrior", "Thunderhawk"

Let's tune our weapons!
by Andizzle4Life August 17, 2005
The object of Thor is to sneak up behind your friend and cup your hands together as if you were holding a hammer. Then hit your friend as hard as you can and scream, "Thor!"
Doug was quite surprised when Joe snuck up and gave him a Thor.
by Jane Train Conductor May 02, 2005
A common west coast slang term meaning no, nothing, not, never, didn't, etc. Originated from high school students in shoreline.
There is thor beer left.
I'm thor going because I'm sick.
"Are you going to pay for that?" "Thor."
by care March 08, 2005
Nautical term used by homosexual sailor when committing sexual advanced to young and unexperienced sailorboys.
Homosexual sailor: Hey you Sailorboy, let's go below and have some thor.
by Adm. Cornelius Cruys May 06, 2005
someone or something that can be classified as stupid or unfortunate
Ew, Jaime is so thor!
by kira smith January 21, 2005
one of the dumbest superheros ever. if he was a god why did they even make a comic of him, of course he will win.
i am Thor, i took over a guys body and now he is thor, lets go throw hammers like a lumberjacks
by madjack July 13, 2004
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