- <noun> a very complicated guy to figure out, yet someone who has the personality and persona of the most likeable characteristics, such as humor, spontaneity, charm, kindness, willingness, persuasiveness, intelligence, control, helpfulness, friendliness; someone who is very attractive in more ways besides his outer appearance, and most of all, has the ability to love.
I wish I still had my Thomas S. because he was the best thing that ever happened to me.
by Coping Survival May 29, 2009
The best boyfriend anyone could ask for. Many people fall in love with him on a daily bases, not many can resist his charm and humor. Someone who has a great personality. Not to mention he is an absolute god in bed. Thomas is the sweetest guy you will ever meet, you can talk to him about anything under the sun. He is every girl's knight in shinning armor.
I love you Thomas J. S. you are my best friend and boyfriend <3
by Meeselover69 July 05, 2011
Is the most amazing boyfriend in the world.
and is amazing in Bedddddddd. ;]
I love him more then anything in this world.
and im never letttting go.

boom booom boom I want Thomas in my rooom!
by Melissaistheshit69 March 01, 2009
A man who stands tall, and is unafraid. Posses a rare super power known as Common Sense. Uses logic to help rid the world of stupid. Has an above average penis (both in length and width).
My name is Thomas, and I can help you from yourself!

He is such a Thomas!
by MechTech September 01, 2010
Someone who has very good instincts
Will have a light complexion

This person will be skilled in a variety of things to do with the arts, writing music, most athletic activities and usually has a very gifted yet specific kind of humor

Will have a healthy relationship with his family
Is very independent
Is neutral
Will have a long life full of travel
Is successful in business relations mid life
Will sadly loose his true love early in life, due to mislead friendships if not careful
Is internally, eternally bound to goodness
Wonder, Life, Mystery, Color, Thomas
by NameGuy123 February 04, 2010
'thomas' means twin.
Thomas also is meant to be a doubter according to the bible
by Thomas Baird May 14, 2007
The Perfect Guy. He is everything you could ever want. clever, funny, understanding .. and yet mysterious. He can be paranoid and has trust issues but one day the right person will come along and she will be the one he decides to open up to. He is everything most girls would ever want and even though he doesnt think of himself as amazing or lovely ... he is so much better than what he sees in himself. you just fall head over heals for him.
girl - he is perfect
boy - he must be called thomas
by bobshiggle April 22, 2011
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