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(tom-york) n. a reasonable man, get off his case.
Thom Yorke is Thom Yorke.
by El Asso Wipo December 02, 2003
Visionary of music and life, current times and current events. Genius, Moody (yet a genuinly nice man concerned for the world), and Gimpy-Eyed. Also lead singer/songwriter of the greatest band on the planet: Radiohead.
Man I wish I could be Thom Yorke
by Bokonon June 29, 2003
(1)Lead singer for the British rock band Radiohead. noun
(2)Freakishly creative genius to the point where it's kinda sexy. noun
(3)People who look sleepy but aren't.
(2)Watch Radiohead's "Just" video, or any other videos. Or even listen to the songs. The lyrics don't make any sense until you wake up at 2AM on a Tuesday realizing that what was written was so deep.
by DJ Cheesecake June 25, 2004
The greatest man to ever live. The biggest genius to grace our lives. The most talented songwriter to walk the Earth.
Thom Yorke... the voice of a generation.
by Queen Geek July 26, 2004
Genius; incredibly talented, the most beautiful voice, filled with power and emotion, lead singer of the greatest modern rock band, Radiohead. The songs are so deep and full of meaning that they you don't always catch it until you've gone for six days without sleep and all you can hear is the music. Then it makes so much sense and changes your life. Truly incredible, weirdass guy.
Thom Yorke is what is missing in your life.
by ThomFan November 28, 2004
(Noun) The eccentric ADHD mastermind behind the hit band Radiohead.
(Verb) To do something completely genius, yet socially awkward.
Use (1) as a noun:
Girl #1: Isn't Thom York the sexiest guy to come out of England?
Girl #2: He would be if he wasn't so weird.
Girl #1: Yeah.

Use (2) as a noun:

Man, Alex so just pulled a Thom York when he started flopping around in front of that huge group of people.

Use (1) as a verb:

Last night at that dance party I think I pulled a muscle because I Thom Yorked too much.

Use (2) as a verb:
Thom Yorking is dangerous in confined areas.
by Jordan May 16, 2004
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