A guy who has so much talent and wit, that it makes him look sexy.
Man, I wish I could bang Thom Yorke.
by Plasticine girl July 29, 2005
Amazingly talented guitarist, keyoboarist and vocalist. Frontman to in my opinion the most amazing band the World has ever seen: Radiohead.
"Whoa man look its Thom Yorke he is just totally N" "Everything in its right place"
by Pauly G February 06, 2005
Musical genius able to being compared to Mozart and Beethoven for the complexity and depth of the music he writes.
Thom Yorke, Radiohead's frontman
by 2112 October 22, 2003
The frontman of the band Radiohead. Known for his emnotional vocals with feelings of isolation and vunerablity. Also a 98-pound lazy-eyed gnome who has read 1984 way too many times. Dances like Ian Curtis on crack and probably has ADD. An eccentric genius.
"We hope that you choke"
by The Dude September 14, 2004
also means "über man hotness/wits/charm/and vocal talent"
Holy shit, this front man totally pulled off a thom yorke.
by booya April 08, 2003
The HOTTEST man alive!!!!
by no one April 09, 2003

also, "the guy from radiohead."
thom yorke is 19 years, 9 months, and 28 days older than i am. and i would wreck that guy.
by pais April 15, 2007

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