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Used to refer to a generic object, something whose correct nomenclature currently escapes the speaker.
Where'd you get that red thinger? (thinger in this case refers to a Livestrong-style bracelet)
by Jai Govindani February 24, 2005
thinger is a thing, something, thingamajig, and whatchamacallit. Used when referring to some kind of web entity including applications, procedures, etc.
Sometimes used to refer to people as a substitute for whatshisname or whatshername.
"I just finished building the spell check thinger for the new email publishing system."
by That's right April 25, 2006
A word used to describe an object when one has forgotten it's proper name; used to describe a thing or group of things when one does not know what it or they are called.
"Hey Baby, can you pass me the thinger?" or "Hey Baby, what do you call those thingers?"
by C. Love and A. Knight June 15, 2009
Thingers are misshaped thumbs that resemble fingers. Potentially advantageous in thumb wrestling or video games. Notable celebrity with thingers, Megan Fox.
I heard Juan stink-thingered that new hostess from the brew pub last night with his freaky E.T. looking thingers!!
by jb3rocks33 November 03, 2009
A synonym for the slang "thingy". Used often by teenagers; in fast, direct speech. Sometimes used alongside the word "madoodle"
"Woah, look at that thinger madoodle over there!"
by Pungyo February 02, 2013
poop that smells super bad
those thingers smell bad
by pseudonym April 02, 2005
Used in a sentence to replace a word that is usually stupid.
That cat ate my thinger!
by Casey Pierce October 31, 2003
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