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Two definitions:
1. Originally a less boring version of thing. It follows the variation on words ending in -ing which become -inge.
This model works both with single syllable words, as in 'thing' or words with more than one syllable, such as singing, washing, shopping.
2. A term of affection for a pet or boyfriend/girlfriend etc. same as pinge
1. Thing = thinge, washing, washingeing etc.(prn.wash-in-jing) also plurals, rings = ringes.
e.g wash = washinge, shop = shoppinge etc.
2. 'My Thinge', 'My beautiful little Thinge' etc.
by Fenella May 11, 2004
Thing'e' is the best International Online Soccer player there is. He is in a team called Ball Breakers.
Did you see Thing'e' score that goal the other day where he dribbled round the whole of RsT, then shot past the merc goalkeeper Neuromancer?
by Isolated March 29, 2005
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