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The lab is any place where you can go focus, practice your skills and get work done. Go to the lab when you need to straighten something out.
Jimmy- "Your dance style is so 1990."

Johnny- "Oh... I guess i need to go back to the lab."

Jimmy- "Ya, figure it out."
by Soul_10 September 13, 2009
The place where you go to be most creative. It can be musically, artistically or writing. A place to find solice and open one's mind!
"Back 2 the lab without a mic 2 grab" (Rahkim). "I went 2 the lab 2 get my mind right".
by f8ingfast September 08, 2010
the gym or where u workout and lift weights
-yo brandt you goin to THE LAB? your getting big
-yea shane im lifting twice a day
by LAB PHATHER April 21, 2011
a group of elite immortals dedicated to lifting weights and taking steroids.
yo have you herd about THE LAB? they come to hooters every tuesday night and eat 100 wings each they are monsters.
by LAB PHATHER April 21, 2011
the house, the pad, the cribo... the place where you live
yo im about to head back to the lab. My ol lady won't stop harassing me to get home.
by Nesbit H. September 02, 2008
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