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A dance move in which you convulse your upper body to the music with no rhythm, your hands balled into fists, arms below your waist, and twisting at the hips.
Damn dude! That jackass is out there doing The Rob, what a fag!
by n00bch0p February 10, 2009
When you have a hook for a penis and a prostitute urinates on your face.
An example of The ROB is when your penis when fully erect creates a right angle and then you let a prostitute urinate on your face.
by balls_deep_10 June 26, 2011
A dance move that involves you wobbling around, invading peoples personal space with no regard to social status.
Stop doing "The Rob" man, i like my space, and what are people going to think of you now?
by IDoneWantToTellYouMyName May 26, 2010
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