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5 definitions by n00bch0p

A person who picks up cigarette butts off the ground and smokes them.
Dude! I just saw you pick that cigarette butt off the ground a smoke it. You fucking buttscavenger!
by n00bch0p February 10, 2009
11 1
RPG (Role Playing Game) term used when a high level character kills a low level character with one hit in PVP (Player vs. Player).
Man, can you believe that dude ran into the arena like a hardass, he got noobchopped!
by n00bch0p February 10, 2009
10 0
Term to discribe large erect nipples on a set of moobs.
"I see your trying to show off those guns Mr. Tight Shirt, but I can't seem to look past those missile launchers fat boy!"
by n00bch0p February 11, 2009
7 0
A dance move in which you convulse your upper body to the music with no rhythm, your hands balled into fists, arms below your waist, and twisting at the hips.
Damn dude! That jackass is out there doing The Rob, what a fag!
by n00bch0p February 10, 2009
10 3
Abbreviation for the term: tongue in farthole
Man I wanna TIF that bitch!
by n00bch0p February 10, 2009
21 72