Bloated, pretentious and ultimately vacuous vehicle for special effects and product placement.
I just saw the Matrix. Now I'm 2 and a half hours older.
by dirtyarse November 13, 2003
Often confused with the closely related "Gaytrix", which is a highly fictitous movie with very little plot development and acting; as well as mediocre action scenes that lasts half the movie.
Mi hombre fui ver el Gaytrix... pero no le gusta.
by moose nuts November 17, 2003
A trilogy of fillums which has been gradually getting worse, to the extent that Part Three is the biggest waste of lucre in fillumographic history. We strongly advise having nothing to do with it. And Keanu Reeves is a big piece of wood.
The Matrix? Blean!
by Foul Ole Ron November 13, 2003
A pretty cool movie that is plotless but still cool. It is seconded only by The Italian Job for its in-movie advertising.
Anyone else sick of all the damn GM cars like Cadilacs and buicks?
by Pimp T-Dawg November 13, 2003
Absolute shite. Most over-rated film of all time.

Wank material for Sci Fi freaks...
Splicing time in Movies does not work. See also Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bollocks and Charlies Angels...
by Sharpshooter November 17, 2003
Some gayfucktarded movie starring some gayfucktarded actor who makes nothing but gayfucktarded movies.
Keanu Reeves is a gay and fucktarded fucktard actor.
by Jorge Carlin December 18, 2004

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