Often confused with the closely related "Gaytrix", which is a highly fictitous movie with very little plot development and acting; as well as mediocre action scenes that lasts half the movie.
Mi hombre fui ver el Gaytrix... pero no le gusta.
by moose nuts November 17, 2003
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Absolute shite. Most over-rated film of all time.

Wank material for Sci Fi freaks...
Splicing time in Movies does not work. See also Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bollocks and Charlies Angels...
by Sharpshooter November 17, 2003
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Synonomous with any sequesnce of events or a series in which part 1 will hook someone, only to later be dragged through big piles of shit for the following parts.
I went to this porn page and the girl in the free tour was so hot I signed up. After they got my money I found out it was a Matrix-esque scam.
by 2&3 blow November 16, 2003
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A pretty cool movie that is plotless but still cool. It is seconded only by The Italian Job for its in-movie advertising.
Anyone else sick of all the damn GM cars like Cadilacs and buicks?
by Pimp T-Dawg November 13, 2003
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A colorguard move executed with teh use of a flag. This was originally created by the Raritan Rockets Colorguard. It is executed correctly by holding your flag at right slam. Lean back until youre parallel to the ground. As you do so, slide your flag until you're holding it only with your right hand by the endcap. Continue to swing the flagaround your body by the endcap.
"DUDE did you see Chelsea and Nikki scare the shit out of RBC that adaptation of The Matrix!?!??!?!???!!"
by NikkiNikkiMyers December 20, 2008
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