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Garage band from Bellingham Washington.
The Kops want to play at the Wild Buffalo.
by theropingeffect October 29, 2010
The King Of Punk Sociopath.

Loveless, Guiltless, Irresponsible, Unreliable, lacks empathy, promiscuous, charming, self-centered ego-maniac, incapable of forming lasting bonds, user, abuser, spiritual rapist who lacks a conscience. On the surface often appears to be the most well-behaved, tender trustworthy person, but underneath is full of nothing but repressed anger which is split off and lies at the core of the soul. Not understanding love, will subsequently rage and diminish and devalue its closest companions.
Here comes the KOPS. Run!!!
by gringostan September 26, 2005
ruler of SH
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
a small boy, beaten by his daddy.

A Red from liverpool, who still wears nappies.


The Kop is such a bawbag
by The Kop October 29, 2003