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1.) Slang term for the band affectionately known to all Canadians as "The Tragically Hip".
I went to see The Hip last night, and had floor seats!
by DasHip81 January 14, 2004
One of the best Canadian bands ever. Without them (and AC/DC), the music world would be boring.
I saw The Hip play last night! They rocked up the fucking place!
by Astrolion April 02, 2004
a mall in chicago filled with suburban emo scene kids, who think theyre so cool just because the can apply eyeliner.

emo kid one: yo, i totally need to go the hip and blow up my moms credit card.

emo kid 2: word !::flips bangs::
by hip costumer #1235 April 06, 2008
a subject which is always talked about in health and social class

hip replacment is an old teachers favourite subject
teacher: when i had my hip replacement ... etc ...
student: oh no not the hip

one student to another (laughin)

ohh the hip the hip

oh no not the hip again

oh no the hip the hip
by how bwt this name October 06, 2008
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