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The greatest band ever. Formed by Jim Morrison and ray Manzarek at a night on the beach after Jim read some of his poems to Ray. Jim Morrison was one of the first rock n roll "crooners" and wrote some of the darkest, deepest songs ever (see the End, Celebration of the Lizard, An American Prayer etc) Indirectly started punk rock, the Stooges and the MC5 started themselves after being mezmerized at a DOors concert. Started in 1965, released their first album in 67, Jim Morrison died in 71 but the band carried on with Ray on vocals and they released one shitty album, Other Voices, broke up in 73 and a new band called the 21 century Doors is touring with two of the original members (ray and Robby Krieger)and Ian Astbury on lead vocals. People say the never had a bassist, but they had SESSION BASSISTS for recording the albums.
Jim "I have poems Ray, listen......."

Ray: "Those are great, lets start a band"

Jim: (drops acid) "FUCKING SLAVE!!!"
by Tony Ramone July 11, 2005
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one of the greatest band of all time..headed by jim morrison..had awsome songs that were full of passion and emotion. but there was a lot of drugs involved band was no more after jim morrison died in 1971 from heart failure...but there music is still popular today... THE DOORS ARE FUCKIN ORGASMIC
i creamed myself when i was listening to THE END by THE DOORS
by bmk December 04, 2003
1013 137
one of the greatest bands of all time
my favorite songs they made are "Light My Fire" and "Touch Me"
by The Doors Rock August 30, 2004
589 139
One of the most legendary bands to exist, most notably during the later 60's and early 70's and also one of the few rock bands ever to have a organist. An amazing organist at that too. Most notable song is Light my Fire.
Forever 27:Jim Morrison from The Doors
by Kevin L July 09, 2004
462 76
A Kick Ass Band
The Doors Kick Ass.
by Kayla December 08, 2003
430 109
Late 60s/early 70s band fronted by Jim Morrison. Progressed from an amalgam of light and dark psychedelia to bluesy rock by the time of Jim Morrison's death. Known for Jim's voice and lyrics as well as their reliance on Ray Manzarek's organ; Jim's qualities stand out in longer tracks like "The End" and "When the Music's Over" as well as shorter tracks like "The Crystal Ship" and "Not to Touch the Earth."
"The Doors are overrated."

"The Doors are awesome!"

"Jim Morrison was a terrible frontman for The Doors."

"Jim Morrison was an excellent frontman for The Doors!"
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Great band, why are they different from other drug addicts in the 60's? wel...some would say cuz they didnt have a bass player, but that's just silly, they rocked cuz they had brains AND that sexy muther fucker Jim Morrison...
I wish i could have been alive i the 60's so i could have screwed Jim Morrison, lead singer of the Doors...
by ACrappyPseudonym April 27, 2004
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A hippie band whose songs actually had real meaning behind the lyrics unlike the lame trendy teeny-bopper rap/pop/bubbglegum-punk you hear these days.
Not many people know this but Jim M. was actually possesed by demons and if you pay attention to some of his older videos you can see them manefest, and totally change his voice... don't believe me? look for a video called "they sold their souls for rock n roll" you'll see what I mean
by lickmyhatchestmark June 06, 2005
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