The greatest band ever. Formed by Jim Morrison and ray Manzarek at a night on the beach after Jim read some of his poems to Ray. Jim Morrison was one of the first rock n roll "crooners" and wrote some of the darkest, deepest songs ever (see the End, Celebration of the Lizard, An American Prayer etc) Indirectly started punk rock, the Stooges and the MC5 started themselves after being mezmerized at a DOors concert. Started in 1965, released their first album in 67, Jim Morrison died in 71 but the band carried on with Ray on vocals and they released one shitty album, Other Voices, broke up in 73 and a new band called the 21 century Doors is touring with two of the original members (ray and Robby Krieger)and Ian Astbury on lead vocals. People say the never had a bassist, but they had SESSION BASSISTS for recording the albums.
Jim "I have poems Ray, listen......."

Ray: "Those are great, lets start a band"

Jim: (drops acid) "FUCKING SLAVE!!!"
by Tony Ramone July 11, 2005
You all know about The Doors and some of you lucky ones, might even know their music as well! AMAZING underated guitarist Robby Krieger was/is the man.
Robby Krieger wrote the hell outta "Tell all the people" but Morrison sang the hell out of it :)
by antics_fanatic June 28, 2005
A kick ass band whose songs actually had real meaning behind the lyrics unlike the lame trendy teeny-bopper rap/pop/bubbglegum-punk you hear these days.
Not many people know this but Jim M. was actually possesed by demons and if you pay attestion to some of his older videos you can see them manefest, and totally change his voice.
by punci June 04, 2005
one of the most influential and kik ass rock bands of the 60's whose music still lives on today. led by jim morrison not only an artist but an amazing poet whos poetry aims to make its readers think outside the box to "break through to the other side" cross into the uknown. breaking free of the image you have made of yourself. "I like ideas about breaking away or overthrowing of established order."
whenever i listen to the doors my pants get a little tighter and people stare at me funny
by peace frog April 08, 2006
The Door is everything. All that once was, and all that will be. The door controls time and space; love and death. The door can see into your mind. The door can see into your soul!
To get to the snowman we first need to pass the door, the dooooooor!
by SF Vega March 12, 2010
The greatest band ever. If Jim Morrison isnt the most poetic person who ever lives, god knows who is. And if you dont understand and just say that all of their songs are druggish jibberish, google the lyrics and read them over and over, that doesnt work, see hot karl.
"Jim Morrison's poetry is a bunch of druggish jibberish"

by Tony Ramone July 01, 2005
A great band formed in 1965 by Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison, later joined by guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore. The group took their name from Aldous Huxley's 'The Doors of Perception'.The band started as a small band performing at local LA clubs like Whisky A Go'Go. As a record deal was presented to The Doors they recorded their self-titled debut album in only six days. The album sold 1 million copies and catapulted the band to #1 on the Billboard top 100 charts. As time continued the band went on to make a total of 9 albums in a short career of only 8 years due to Jim Morrison's tragic death due to heart failure on July 3, 1971. The Doors were inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in 1993 and have sold a whopping 32.5 million albums and continue to inspire the young and old with beautiful ballads and soulful blues songs. The Doors will go down in history as one of the best bands of all time, not only because of the cult following they have amassed but their songs that make you think about your entire being and how prolific they were in a span of only a few short years.TELL ALL THE PEOPLE!
RIP Jim from all of your beloved fans who will never forget what you stood for. And a thank you to all the members of The Doors for making sweet sweet beautiful music.
by ComeonnowTouchMeBabe November 19, 2009

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