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3 definitions by ACrappyPseudonym

Great band, why are they different from other drug addicts in the 60's? wel...some would say cuz they didnt have a bass player, but that's just silly, they rocked cuz they had brains AND that sexy muther fucker Jim Morrison...
I wish i could have been alive i the 60's so i could have screwed Jim Morrison, lead singer of the Doors...
by ACrappyPseudonym April 27, 2004
n. The very sexy band from Sweden that has been here in concert 3 times.
The keyboardist from the Sounds makes me want to jizz myself
by ACrappyPseudonym April 28, 2004
n. slang
the sexiest singer in the world... i love him, my buddie Bettina touched his butt wen they came in concert. see the strokes and Julian Casablancas
i scramed "father my baby" when i saw Jules
by ACrappyPseudonym April 28, 2004