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A Rapper/Writer from Dallas Texas. Was If not the first protégé of super star Dr. Dre. DOC released his first album "No One Can Do It Better' in 1989. It was a huge success. Unfortunately in 1990 DOC was involved in a fatal car accident which nearly killed him, he survived but his voice didn't. His layrynx was damaged, after hours of reconstructive surgery he didn't have his "golden voice". He was left with a different, raspier voice. DOC left the radar, troubled and into drugs. In 96 he released his second album "Helter Skelter" despite his strange new voice it was good album. The album wasn't a big hit. It recieved mixted reviews. DOC continued to live on, and ghostwrote for Dr. Dre on his classic album "The Chronic 2001." Even though DOC lost his voice, he is still considered to be one of the best rappers ever and "No One Can Do It Better" one of the best albums in rap history.
D.O.C. is responsible for ghost writing hits for the likes of NWA and Dr. Dre and some other talents.

DOC you still the shit man, no matter what happened to your voice.
by AC November 11, 2004
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A ghost dj/producer/rapper.
worked together with dr.dre in the nwa days, and was an unofficial member of nwa.
one of the doc's hot tracks: its funky enough
by RaphaelFrank April 22, 2006
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Born Tracy Lynn Curry on june 10th 1969 in dallas texas.
the D.O.C was one of the best rapper ever to grace the mic.he was the 1ST protege of doctor. dre he released his debut album on june 16th 1989 the singles are:
The Doc and the Doctor,It's funky enough,The Formula,Mindblowin and Whirlwind pyramid.shortly after releasing his debut album,in 1990 he tragically lost his voice in a near fatal car crash.
because his larnyx was crushed.although he can never rap ever again his legendary music lives on and he still rolls with doctor dre.
The Doc & the doctor. The D.O.C

you can see the music video for the doc's best music song (The Formula) on
by range rovers are badass August 15, 2009
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A DJ, Rapper, Ghost writer who lost his voice in a car crash.
If he wouldn't have been through the accident he would have become a bigger rapper and possibly be bigger than any old skooler or atleast up there w/ 2pac Biggie or eazy e
Was a member of NWA until after NWA and the Posse, but still ghost wrote for the pamp group
It's Funky Enough is a song by the D.O.C.
by lil' pimpin' June 23, 2006
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A rapper/writer who was on Ruthless Records. He wrote many rhymes for NWA and other rappers, and released the platinum cd "No One Can Do It Better", produced by Dr.Dre.

The next year his vocal chords were serious fucked in a car accident. He could never rap again, though he did perform in skits on other albums (Example: "Don't Drink that Wine" from NWA).

He later went on to release Helter Skelter and Deuce.
"In the event that one would try to juice this, stopped him in his tracks, shot him dead and ruthless"-The D.O.C.
by Comis March 27, 2003
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A sweeping nickname used to define an individual who believes that they know more than they actually do, often relying on buzzwords, pseudo psychological phrases and clichéd sales lingo to convince others of their authority on a matter.

Often found in the worlds of sales, media and television, most people know a (or The) Doc. And if you don't, it's probably you!
Ricky Gervais' character in the Office, The boss in Office Space are brilliant examples of being 'The Doc'. Usual stereotype includes a slimy demeanour and small minded requests of staff.
by Alfredo Dominguez April 16, 2008
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