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The coven is a secret society of satanist , anarchistic , pagans , stoners and jugglo haters . The name coven comes from the song supercoven by Electric wizard . Most members are fans of the band and other stoner/doom metal bands and also have a high interest in the occult and other dark topics . The Coven is one of the only groups of people to openly be against jugglos , coven members are known to be part of the jugglo holocaust . most members where a blacken suns around there neck and own and use switch blade type knifes of any type most members are very secretive about being a part of it and little is still known about the group /society
Coven member 1 (hey i'm bored want to go smoke and worship Satan as we listen to House on the borderland by Electric Wizard

Coven member 2 (why not its not like we just did that an hour ago....dear satan i love being part of The Coven )
by Vinum Sabbathi November 13, 2011
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