1. A funny little man who hangs out with Strong Mad
2. A prankster who has no mercy when it comes to practical (or impractical) jokes
"Oh The Cheat..."
----Strong Bad
"Chris is The Cheat. He pulled a koke on fred involving a lamp, a lobster and a kleenex box.
by Chris Morrow November 09, 2003
A Yellow thing that likes to hang out with Strong Mad
The Cheat is GROUNDED!
by SHUTTATRAP! August 24, 2003
When he's not in the crisper drawer or the KOT's grill, this realli cool guy likes to: Throw busts of Van Buren at cameras, Make videos for bands or of Strong Bad kicking Homestar 10 times in the face (including the 1 he was saving 4 a few seconds ago), DJ at Bubs' on Fridays, not being dead (or saying "Douglas"), and other stuff
Some person:"You know what would make my day, friend?"

Other person: "money?"

1st person:"of course not! kicking The Cheat!"

2nd person: "Hey me 2!"

by Uh...i 4get August 19, 2003
Yellow............thing with spots on back. Has no fingers or toes. Has a gold tooth. Is always giving Strong Bad a hand.
Who's always giving Strong Bad a hand? The Cheat! The Cheat!
by Homestar_fan June 23, 2003
The think that helps Strong Bad with stuff. www.homestarrunner.com
What would you do if a little animal came up to you?

I dunno. lets find out. CHEAT!


There you are. I'd Kick it.
by Chan H. March 19, 2003
the cheat is grounded!
we had that light switch installed for you so you could turn the lights on and off, not so you could throw light switch raves.
by BMG December 18, 2002
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