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The greatest 1st Baseman to ever play the game of Baseball.
Don Mattingly should be in the hall of fame.
by Oddjob January 11, 2005
A lefthanded baseball hitter who spent time on the Red Sox, Yankees and Devil rays over a long career.

Considered one of the best hitters all-time.
Wade boggs hit another double off the green monster.
by Oddjob July 13, 2004
The black tar substance that accumulates on the ends of joints and blunts. It can also be scraped out of smoking apparatus ie. pipes
I had no weed left so i scraped my bowl and got a headache high from some resin i collected.
by Oddjob January 01, 2005
The process of having your throat burned followed by coughing by the smoke of inferior quality marijuana.
Damn that pot is garbage *cough* *cough*, I need some water.
by Oddjob July 01, 2004
The creature that did the Holly Jolly on the Panama Canal (<---not the panama canal)
by Oddjob July 16, 2003

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