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- when you just don't feel like working
- your tent needs to dry
- or that unfortunate event when your girlfriends car breaks down and a sick day is warranted to repair it
- a Tasker has been known to be taken when a clumsy moment has lead to you stumbling down stairs or falling out of a shower
- or sometimes you just want to leave work early

NOTE: there are unlimited Taskers at hand
NOTE: there has been an addition of an atomic tasker where you take the first day back from leave as a "sick day"
"...i cant come in today, we went camping and i think the tents and gear needs to dry"
His doing The Tasker!

" girlfriends car broke down 2 days ago...i need to fix it"
His doing The Tasker!

" looks like its windy outside and there might be a storm outside, i better leave just in never know"
His doing The Tasker!
by Thats_funny November 12, 2012
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