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Slang term of the jail located in Downtown Orlando
You, did you hear that (insert name here) got a DUI?

She spent the night in 33rd.
by Ghost February 04, 2005
A calender date that doesn't exsists.
Girl, when you gone do my hair?
Girl, It'll get done on the 33rd, I got shit to do.
by Khadijah George April 24, 2008
a way to exlude other people
i am not cool enough to be a 33rd
by dmexican February 02, 2005
group of people you can define as retarded New Yorkers wannabe, which have a strong american spirit in the way they like to act as part of a team
the next stop is 33rrrrrrrrrrrrrrd street
by Sooooophi February 23, 2005
adj : the ordinal number of thirty-three in counting order. A comparative number or rank, occuring between 32nd and 34th.
Psy-sci is the 33rd gayest person in history. <3
by Superbo February 02, 2005

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