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Brilliant, generation-defining film which tells the story of how the popular networking site Facebook was created. David Fincher's direction along with the brilliance of Aaron Sorkin's words in the mouths of young actors(namely Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake) giving incredible performances makes for one of the best films of all time. Just brilliant.
Guy No.1-"Hey, did you see that facebook movie?"
Guy No.2-"The Social Network? Yeah, it was awesome."
by Blue_Angel93 February 25, 2011
A recent(2010) movie about the creation of social network site, Facebook. It stars a bunch of ringlet-headed, self-conscious, snappy, socially-awkward characters, such as Mark Zuckerburg and Sean Parker and focuses around the constant situations of both being jerks, being pansies, and pissing each other off on multiple occasions.
Pat:"Did you see The Social Network this weekend?"
Tre:" Nah, man. Justin Timberlake and some freaky white-ass kid in a bathrobe having orgies in a doom room? No thanks."
by LuLuBee November 07, 2010
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