A place in a book by JRR Tolkein. It is somewhat like the rural areas of the west of England, for instance, most of somerset, most of devon, all of cornwall, and people there speak like their from somerset or devon too!
Person 1: Oh my god it's a hobbit from the shire!
Person 2: No, that's just a small person from somewhere near Shepton Mallet
by OceanPhoenix February 23, 2011
Top Definition
A cesspit inhabited by the most revolting skanks and violent douche bags on the planet. They're all blinded by a wall of arrogance that is cemented together with stupidity and ignorance. they tend to believe that they are gods gift to creation and call everyone who bags them "Jealous".

Originally inhabited by monkey's who learned to wax and go swimming, they were quarantined until the construction of the Tarren Point Bridge, which opened up the area to St. George who defend , for some unknown reason, the Shire from the Lebs and other scum of the area. Almost all inhabitants smoke marijuana, and if ever confronted by one of these primal creatures, the only way to avoid confrontation is to say you've been "Punching Cones" and they instantly believe you and leave you alone.
"Dude I almost got bashed last night!"
"What the fuck!?! Where?"
"I was in the shire."
"How'd you get out of it?"
"Said I punched cones. Duh."
"Ahhh.... Fucking stupid monkeys"
by Shire hater March 03, 2008
An area of Sydney where the locals seem to think it's "God's country"..

Just an isolated hole with filled with wax heads, surfy skanks, a nuclear reactor in close proximity and a bunch of know-nothing fucktards.
I would never like to buy a house in the shire, it's the shittest place in the world.
by cookieboy June 05, 2005
A magical place that withholds many secrets. The room is owned by a gadavier who goes only by a name that is unpronounceable. It's really cool shit man come by and we will light er up.
The Shire, Witte A 735
by mitch is back October 11, 2009
1. Area in southern Sydney, where many surfers and sheltered children live.

2. Shit-hole
I got stuck in the shire, it was the worst day of my life.
by con chen June 07, 2004
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