A person on the "interview trail" that cannot stop asking questions about a program.
So that about does it for the interview day, does anyone have any questions?

"Yeah, do the residents have a lot of time for reading and research?"

Oh my god the riddler will not shut up. I just want to go home!
by Interview Trail November 18, 2009
Top Definition
When your bang'in a chick that's so wasted she won't be able to remember anything the next day.... finish yo business and don't forget to draw a large question mark on her forehead in permanent marker before you leave.
Random Stranger: Why do you have a Question Mark on your forehead?
Hungover Chick: I don't know. I don't remember anything from last night.
Random Stranger: Huh. You must have got fucked by The Riddler last night.
by Bullfrog12356 February 11, 2010
Jim Carrey in a green suit with question marks on it. He went completely insane in Batman Forever, even claiming that he was Batman. He shall forever live on in our memories with his almost confusing jokes.
You remind me of The Riddler.
by Gabriel C. August 09, 2005
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