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(n) One distinct classification of the human genus. In order to be classified as The Rape, one must possess all of the following qualities:

1) Pwns N00bs
2) Fucks Your Mother
3) Eats Babies

The Rape qualifies as a noun not because it is a person, place, or thing, but an idea. And when you actualize The Rape, it becomes a good idea.
#1) After jimmy pwns0rz the n00bs, he teabags them and goes home to lay a white stripe on your mom's ass while ripping a baby's head off with his two front teeth, thus making him The Rape

#2) Samuel L. Jackson, Chuck Norris, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Crazy Superman, and Grandfather Smurf are all examples of The Rape.
by Pablo, King of the Spaniards August 27, 2006