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A band that I suggest more people get into. They've consistently put out quality psychobilly music ever since the beginning.
The Quakes know what's rockin'
by Subcultural Girl September 05, 2003
12 3
Rare medical condition occuring in the lower digestive system. The onset of sexual arrousal stimulates "The Quake," culminating in explosive diarrhea at the exact point of orgasm. Leaving a rather messy 'Nacho Night Cap' on your lover's thighs, vagina, face, bedspread, Etc. "The Quake" is known only to be suffered by George Lazenby, the actor.
"EHEHEHEHE Baby, Got a little bit of the ole' Quake, can't help it!"

"Hey Diana, wanna hear a JOKE?!?!!? EHE EHEH EHHE UUUGHHHG (SLPAT) California Quakes! EHEHEH!"
by McKinley & Cole .... for Omar December 14, 2004
8 3