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Basically The Government giving up, and asking Hollywood for help.
Man #1: I think the Government should give us 12 hours to do whatever we want!

Man #2: Dude, have you seen the movie The Purge?
by ChrisTheCat March 07, 2014
A kick-ass movie where America becomes a crime-free country for one night and everyone have the freedom to do anything they want without the consequences, from shooting to stabbing to stealing. You know, Grand Theft Auto-type shit.
Friend: 'Have you seen The Purge?'

Me: 'Oh you mean that movie version of Grand Theft Auto? Hell Yeah!!
Friend: What if The Purge was real?
Me: If it was real, I would kill a man and fuck his wife right in the pussy!
by Travis1990 December 21, 2014

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