A kick ass band that consists of 4 members, dexter holland, noodles, atom willard and greg k. they have 7 albums out and KICK ASS
dick head: hey man the offspring offspring suck
me:get fucked at least i have taste
dick head:fine ill go cut myself
me:fuckin emo
by fuck slipknot! May 24, 2006
An awesome punk/post-grunge/punk-pop/indie band that formed in 1984 when schoolmates Bryan Keith "Dexter" Holland and Greg "Greg K" Kriesel could not get into a Social Distortion concert; neither of them knew how to play instruments. While Dexter took to guitar, Greg K developed a feel for bass. Later, guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman, the school custodian, joined for the sole purpose to get them alcohol. Ron Welty, drummer, joined up, though he left the band in 2003 (new drummer is Atom Willard). Since 1984, the Offspring have had seven albums, with one (Smash) introducing them to the mainstream while on an indie label, and a Greatest Hits album coming in June. Also, they'll be in this year's Warped Tour. The Offspring are a talented band and should be applauded for how far they come.
Dude, I can't wait to see the Offspring at Warped Tour!
by Moppeh May 18, 2005
omg omg omg zomg probably....difnately the best band out-there unlike the garage band that formed just down ur street they have a diffrent style of playing unlike anyother band.
i wont fuck with da hui
i wont fuck with da hui
because da hui will fuck with me!

the offspring da hui. (splinter)
by Andrew Copp May 07, 2006
best band EVER consists of:
dexter holland, back up guitar/vocals
noodles, lead guitar
greg k, bass
atom willard, drums

7 excellent albums with smash being the all time greatest
you stupid dumb shit god dam mother fucker, bad habbit: ledgendry song by the offspring
by rockon666 May 06, 2007
A band made in Heaven and handed down to mankind to aid in making life worthwhile, particularly in the context of the times when it was. Quite possibly the best musical group to ever grace the Earth, The Offspring combine elements of Punk, Grunge, and Pop rock, along with intelligent themes, meaningful lyrics, and a very unique style. While this group is quite underrated, it seems to retain some of its "underground" air.
Person with taste: The Offspring kick so much ass!

Idiotic Loser: No, they suck. I like Linkin Park.

Person with taste: You should probably go and check to see if you are mentally retarded.

Fact - The Offspring eats Linkin Parks, pukes Lady Gagas and Justin Biebers, and shits Nicklebacks.
by aquajerk/surly October 28, 2011
The Offspring is by far the best thing since sliced bread...actually...it's better.
by Stinston March 17, 2009
One of the BEST punk/rock bands ever!
"And it feels, and it feels like heaven's so far away" -Gone Away (from Ixnay on the Hombre) THE OFFSPRING ROCK!
by Floridagirl1015 June 30, 2010
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