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Useless and crappy political propaganda using The Matrix as a ladder to minor recognization.
Hey, Jack! Did you see The Meatrix?
Yeah! It sucked! Those animals aren't sentient; why do they deserve the right to live?
by HolsteinCow February 22, 2004
5 15

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Cartoon created years ago to raise the awareness of something I never cared to pay attention to (mmm...pork). It was later turned into a movie trilogy with a similar title and people replacing the animals. Who's bright idea was that?
"The Matrix is a total rip-off of The Meatrix."
by Dan August 22, 2004
8 1
No one can tell you what The Meatrix is. You must see it for yourself.
If you are still interested...
by Kenthar February 15, 2004
10 4