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A sexual act in which a person gives his or her partner AIDS
She spent the night and i totatly pulled The Magic Johnson on her sorry ass
by Robert Krebs May 23, 2005
It's when your fucking a bitch doggy style and during the act you whisper in her ear "I have AIDS" and see if you can hang on for the shot clock!!!
It was so funny I pulled the Magic Johnson on that bitch and she cried!!! LMAO
by Matty Punani March 03, 2010
the act in which one has 3 sluts, 2 sluts spinning with there cunts on each index finger like a basketball, then finally the last slut spining on the mans pork sword. just like the famous basketballer magic johnson
"last night I was ballin and picked up hunnies and gave them the magic johnson the bitches thought they were honourary globe trotters."
by alycie orchlair January 29, 2009