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The greatest rock and roll band of all time..that nobody listened to.
Man 1: Hey, I heard The Kinks broke up.

Man 2: (Weeps softly)
by Soup January 16, 2005
1) One of the most underrated British bands of all time.
2) Slang for pubes.
1) The Kinks released an album called "Arthur" that was delicately spectacular.
2) The Kinks are all itchy today. I musta gotten crabs or some shit. Fuck!
by Tommy Wommy Womsters May 22, 2003
1 awesome sound + 2 cool brothers = kinks 4-ever
I'll bust a cap in anyone who messes with Ray Davies.
by Jeff January 18, 2004
A great musical group of the British invasion, composed of brothers Ray and Dave Davies, bassist Pete Quaife and drummer Mick Avory, the Kinks are the most underrated band of all time. They're easily on par with the Beatles, the Who or the Rolling Stones. Perhaps the antithesis of Pink Floyd, by far the most overrated band of all time.
"Waterloo Sunset" by the Kinks is one of the great singles of all time
by James Jacobus November 21, 2003
a really good and underrated british rock band. some consider them as early punks. best songs are you really got me, dead end street, destroyer, all day and all of the night, and many others.
a lot of the kinks songs have been bastardised
by clevelandsteamer August 06, 2005
Some describe them as the fathers of hard rock. If you like Cake, Beck, Nirvana, Wilco, The Ramones, The Clash, or any other alternative rock band - check out the Kinks. They are the original grunge band.
The Kinks are one of the greatest underrated bands of all time.
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
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