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When playing NHL 10 and you go WITH the puck from either behind the net or behind the icing line and shoot to the opposite side getting THE GREASY glitch goal to either tie a close important game or win a very important game! Getting a pass from behind the net, ALREADY having the puck behind the net DOES NOT count as the greasy!
"Yooooo MACKEEY bitch nigga dats the greeeeeeeeeeeeeasy, why you gotta play like that!?"

"MACKEEY thats THE GREASY!, you went behind the icing line skated across and shot to the opposite side of the net

"My name is MACKEEY im either down 1 goal or the game is tied and I have $20 bet on this game, Im gonna be a bitch nigga and do THE GREASY and think im better but really you is NAT!"
by NhlLEGEND January 04, 2010

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