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Short for the city of San Leandro, which is just south of Oakland, CA.
I'm gonna be kickin it wit my homies in the dro tonight, u wanna come thru?
by rinkydink1 December 01, 2009
The bass player from the Industrial Rock/Metal band Deadstar Assembly
The Dro from DSA is the most amazing bass player in the modern world
by Twisted Beauty July 14, 2006
The hyphy half of Oakland
Fool 1: Aye playa, we gotta hit the dro this weekend man.

Fool 2: Shit man, I can't. I went there last week and got my ride jacked.

Fool 1: Shit fool, that sucks. We'll go there anyways and go get dumb with Keak da Sneak.

Fool 2: Hel yea bitch.
by John and Alex, dedicated to Julia C. September 27, 2006