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When several males have intercourse with one woman (or man) All 6-8 dicks in one whole make a pattern much like a daisy.
Dude can you believe what a slut she was, she did The Daisy bro.
by whymenow April 06, 2011
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when you have sex with a girls mouth. preferably with floral bedsheets and you f*ck the sh*t out of her mouth.
girl 1:i tried the daisy last night.
girl 2: how was it?
girl 1: I no longer have to hew my food.
by jack greendog May 09, 2010
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A women's razor manufactured by Gillette. Also used as an insult to a male implying that he needs to use the daisy to shave his vagina after he acts like a pussy.
I can't believe he got the burrito bol. Someone give him the daisy!
by scooooooter September 29, 2009
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