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When a network terminates a long-lasting relationship with one of its stars and then prohibits him/her from appearing on television for a set period of time.

This entertainment industry term comes from the 2010 Tonight Show conflict when NBC decided to give The Tonight Show back to Jay Leno, while previous host Conan O'Brien was given a contract prohibiting him from make any appearance on television until May 2010 and prohibiting him from returning to television as a host until September 2010.
MSNBC ended its contract with Keith Olbermann, and they're giving him The Conan for at least six months.
by The Cone-Files January 25, 2011
When your job with a television company is broken off and a provision contract states that you can't be on the air for the next 6 months

Props to Conan and TBS for this joke!
You better shut up or you're getting the CONAN! - TBS
by Joshua Ek January 25, 2011
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