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7 definitions by Manuel_Labor

1. n. greatest man who has ever existed; barbarian
2. n. greatest man who has ever existed; comedian
Conan swung his mighty sword.
Conan swung his mighty joke.
I heard that guy who played Conan is on Conan tonight.
by Manuel_Labor July 06, 2004
781 160
n. worker's council in socialist Russia; also second "S" of USSR
Let's go consult with the Soviet before proceeding.
Wish I spoke Russian so I could make some real fucking examples.
by Manuel_Labor July 06, 2004
293 39
1. A human being who hates humankind and acts accordingly
2. Rumsfeld
That guy is such a misanthrope.
Man, that chick is hot; it's too bad she's a misanthrope.
The Secretary of Defense is a noted misanthrope.
by Manuel_Labor July 07, 2004
221 105
to have been ignored by someone after giving a polite and audible greeting

etymology: refers to the great Raymie Knighton, lord of San Pablo, whose exploits were largely ignored
"Ohhh... you got RAYMIED!"
"Sorry, man. Those girls just Raymied you."
"It's okay. Raymie doesn't ALWAYS get Raymied. But it pisses him off greatly every time it happens."
by Manuel_Labor July 06, 2004
5 4
n. a common Japanese name meaning "builder of great things," not "great warrior."
Takeo Spikes does not use the original pronunciation of the name.
by Manuel_Labor July 05, 2004
6 10
v. to attack, eat, shoot, snort, lick, decapitate, or fornicate

variations: frungify, frungilicious
"I will frungy that chicken."
"Do you mind frungifying the the garbage?"
"I hope you don't mean you frungied with her."
by Manuel_Labor July 05, 2004
1 31
n. a talking hand resulting from schizophrenia and a love of whales; uses "sh" in place of "s"

etymology: created by T. Rivera in 1989 at the age of 3
"Urrr boingy boingy, I am Roshie!"
"I am guring to shue Shue away with my shoe!"
by Manuel_Labor July 06, 2004
31 141