A sexy mother effer from Foxboro. Name originated from the way he skates on the ice hockey team, like a bull charging at a red cape and a matador. Brown hair, brown eyes. Perfect teeth and perfect pink lips. Hits a bong better than a professional bong hitter himself. He is covered in swag and can work baby blue shorts like its his job. His sneakers squeak though.
Person A: That kid skates like an angry the bull out there!
Person B: And he's friggin mad sexy too!
Person C: You haven't seen sexy til you watch him milk a bong!
by GimmeThat August 17, 2009
Top Definition
A sex prank. Its when the guy is going doggy style on a girl. When everything is going good...The guy pulls out quickly and sticks it in the girls butt. The object is to then stay on as long as you can while she tries to get away. (Sometimes the girls agonizing moan from the pain of getting it in the butt sounds like a bulls groan)
Dude...the other night i totally pulled "The Bull" on this one girl!!!
by Actinnut April 29, 2007
when you're smoking a cigar and you blow through your nose one quick puff (you look like an angry bull)
Use when smoking. The Bull
by KKTTPP May 30, 2009
When two men stick their penises above a male or females ears, and all three of them charge into, a man/woman's anus, a vagina, or mouth.
I did the Bull at summer camp.
by PimpPlatt July 01, 2011
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