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when a girl is giving you a blow job and when your about to blow your load you pull out and jizz all over her face then throw feathers on her and tea bag her while flapping your arms like wings and yelling "IM THE BIRD MAN!."
when erica was giving me a blow-job i gave her the birdman and she was so mad she bit my sack.
by Play-Doh a.k.a Corey March 22, 2009
A person that is a bird or made up of birds; it can also define someone who EATS birds and is more often used to describe that.
Guy 1: Did he just grab that crow out of the air!
Guy 2: He's eating it too!
Guy 1: Wait its okay its just the Birdman having his mid-day snack
by The Boss/Night Hawk May 31, 2010
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