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The female state of arousal; starting with the walls of the vagina's movement and the wet secretion that emerges from the nook of the outer labia.
1) "Shane from the L Word is soooo hot, I thawed myself when I watched last night's episode."

3) "You make me thaw. I'm ready to get it in"
by McWetWet January 12, 2011
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1). To smelt, or make something smelt.
2). To defrost something frozen, or become defrosted.
3). To become less cold or numb through exposure to heat.
4). To be warm enough for snow and ice to smelt.
5). To become less hostile, tense, or aloof.


1. The action or process of thawing.
2. A lessening of hostility, tension, or aloofness.
3. warmer weather: a period of weather warm enough to smelt snow and ice.


1). The iceman Thawed.
2). Get the frozen meat out of the freezer to thaw.
3). Come thaw out by the fire.
4). Damn! The freezer is thaw.
5). The atmosphere thawed.


1). Thawing food.
2). A thawed situation.
3). Thaw weather.
by Jafje September 16, 2007
It is a state of being cool and having that X factor. A type of person that others wish they can be.
James Gandolfini was so thaw in the Sopranos.
by BloodKitten June 02, 2010
Euphemism for menstruation.
"Don't even talk to her, this week she's got the thaw."
by The Spicable October 03, 2007
thAw is a very sweet Swedish girl that plays Nukezone and is very popular in its community.
Not to forget she is a sexy goth girl!
NZ Moderator Souless' likes: My clanmates, goth girls (like thAw), ... , ...
by Gexter August 03, 2004
The area between the throat and the jaw
I'm going to punch you in the thaw you lazy ass
by LJ339 December 06, 2007
Tony Hawks American Wasteland
see shit
-a badly made game made by neversoft who are a bunch of lazy fucks.
kid1: man thaw 0wnz!!!1!1one!1!!
kid2: yea, too bad neversoft fucked it up so bad
by <CM> Ashton July 10, 2006

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