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Something that is good, or neat, or cool. The opposite of "that was hard" (not hard as in "that hit hard" which is something good and not bad).
Lacine: Can you believe it? We got out of school early because them Mexicans started rioting again!
Tyler: That was easy!
Dave: Wowwie! I found six bucks on the ground!
Tyler: That was easy!
Mr. Davidson: Tyler, I know I'm your Geometry teacher, but in a few days I'm also going to be your dad. Come to papa.

Tyler: Man... that's hard.
by Lil Jakey October 02, 2007
Is the act of mentally or physically destroying someone who is incapable of competing with you.
Isaiah: I told you I didn’t like it when you cum on my face
Keanu Reeves : Stfu bitch
Isaiah: Seriously Keanu it hurts my feelings
Keanu Reeves: Listen bitch you can only talk when I tell you too. Now bend over bitch
Isaiah: Okay
Keanu Reeves: That was easy
by LeoMessi1918 August 26, 2009