That guy is one who attends a party only to take advantage someone's drunk girlfriend. Now not only did you ruin her life, but you also pissed off her boyfriend likewise all for your own greed. Perhaps this can be a tactic for vengeance, perhaps you are just a douchebag. Whatever the case, you are now "that guy"
Hungover college student: OMG OMG OMG, I totally shouldn't have slept with "that guy" last night! What if my boyfriend finds out? He'll probably beat me and none of it was even my fault!

Friend: About that... he was also at the party.

Hungover college student: O_O
by A rabid chicken November 18, 2010
(n.) A male notorious for his artistry in seducing the fairer sex.
Katie, despite her adamant claims, was beguiled when she met that guy beneath heaven's starry canvas.
by theFlannelVillain June 17, 2010
a phrase used to describe a person at a party who tries to start drama, fight people, say gay things to other guys, or just makes an ass of himself.
bro1: dude johnny is downstairs trying to fight everyone and he told me that i was the sexiest man alive......

bro2: he's "That Guy" tonight
by bromontana179010 February 20, 2010
The one guy in a crowd that does what everyone expects someone to do
He is that guy that says "cha, cha, cha" in the pauses in Happy Birthday
by SNOWPLOWMC June 16, 2009
The person that no one wants to be
Wow man way to be "that guy"
by That guy "man" December 08, 2014
The person that nobody wants to be
Wow man way to ha "that guy"
by 1_cinnamon_1 December 08, 2014
"That guy" refers to the narcissist inside each and every man. "He" is "That guy" when he gives into the urges (usually pertaining to sexual gratification) to the detriment of those around him. Nobody wants to be "That guy".
Bob: "Dude... don't freak... I got a blowjob from your sister last night ... but I don't want to be 'That guy'".

Another Bob: "Look at 'That guy' next to 'prince cassius' in the fashion section of the evening standard".
by jeffreythefarmer2 August 17, 2010

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