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(n.) The guy who walks around only killing his own team mates while playing video games.
That guy who kills you everytime you cross his path during Halo
by Hencakes December 17, 2008
6 7
1. The guy who is always the first person to be everywhere.
2. The guy who is always the first to point out something that everyone else is too shy to mention
3. The guy who simply tries to hard to fit in with the crowd.
1. Tyler was the first one at the party, he had to be that guy.
2. Well i didnt want to be that guy to point out that your fly was down.
3. Derek tried way to hard to impress us, hes just that guy.
by Green Machine 10 October 17, 2007
9 10
The player that got you... and your friends.. and everyone.. but you still like him secretly.
That guy kissed me yesterday! But then when I got home I found out he was goin out with the new girl.
by mezougel December 11, 2010
2 4
"That guy" refers to the narcissist inside each and every man. "He" is "That guy" when he gives into the urges (usually pertaining to sexual gratification) to the detriment of those around him. Nobody wants to be "That guy".
Bob: "Dude... don't freak... I got a blowjob from your sister last night ... but I don't want to be 'That guy'".

Another Bob: "Look at 'That guy' next to 'prince cassius' in the fashion section of the evening standard".
by jeffreythefarmer2 August 17, 2010
3 5
The guy everyone talks about.

The guy everyone would want to be friends with.
The guy everyone wants to hate on.
The guy everyone wants to be.
All of the above.
Man, who's that guy? I hate how he thinks he's the shit... lets be his friend!
by yoshi123456789 August 17, 2010
4 7
The awkward guy nobody knows who inexplicably makes weird faces in the background of every picture.
Girl: Look how cute our prom pictures are!
Boyfriend: Yeah, except for That Guy.
by skittlesbunnyx3 July 10, 2008
5 8
An actor whose face you recognize from other movies but whose name you don't know. Once That Guy's anme becomes known, he ceases to be That Guy. That Guy alums include Joe Pantaliano, Steve Buscemi, CLint howard, etc.
"Hey! That Guy!" (said while watching Out For Justice and the Mexican goon with the tattoo on his neck walks onscreen)
by Marcel Leroux August 17, 2004
27 30