An individual at any given social event who crosses the line of severe Obscenity/Indecency/Profanity typically involving speech or actions, often vulgar and unnecessary. Doing so defines his title of "That guy". See also; jackass, Andrew, Fatkid.
Party Goer "Yes I do indeed enjoy box wine."

That Guy "I go down on my fat ex girlfriend when its her time of the month"

Party Goer" Oh, so you're that guy, please get away from me"

That Guy " Waaaahhhh You think I'm a fat loser and I only like fat chicks."
by Dr. Ovenglover July 10, 2008
(n.) a hypothetical "guy" who likes to make an ass of himself or does awkward, weird, or unkind things.

This "guy" is usually referred to and compared to when someone is doing something awkward or annoying.
*is making ass of self*
Person: Why do you have to be that guy?
by gamerdude949494949 October 26, 2009
THAT GUY is the person who comes to your party gets completely wasted, passes out, pisses, and pukes all over themselves and your carpet; wakes up before anyone else and leaves without cleaning it up.
no example needed to explain this scenerio of THAT GUY
by The Legacy December 08, 2005
Function: noun

a male that acts in a certain fashion in a given situation, fully knowing such act is considered rude, obscene, or otherwise frowned upon in normal social interaction.
Don't be "that guy" that cuts in line.

Didn't he just hit on the girl he knows you are dating? Yeah, he's "that guy".

Hey, can i bum your last cigarette? It's my last one, don't be "that guy".
by lUK February 19, 2004
Any person who consistently shows disregard for the normal social behavior of any given social situation, or has no concept of what the normal social behavior is for any given social situation. In addition, this person must evoke a feeling of empathy from within people that are more socially skilled than "That-guy." If this person does not evoke pity, tham he is just a jerk.
There is always that one guy at the dinner who is always there when you are, but you never get there before him and he never leaves before you do, so, you just kind of assume that this person lives at the dinner. And he'll know all the waitresses by name, and probably dropped out of college, but you don't really care enough to get the real story, and you already have enough neative vibes toward this guy because of his akwarness that it really doesn't bother you to write him off as a waste of life.
by Dj Galley October 21, 2004
1. The one guy who always gets other people into trouble, is always fucking up at everyone else's expense, or is just making an ass of himself and everyone around him

2. Cadet Townsend of the UGA Army ROTC program
Townsend, quit being THAT guy
by bluefalcon3290 April 22, 2009
The guy who seems to be in every movie, every TV show, but you still don't know his name.
Girl: "Hey, look! Its him again!"

Guy: "Who?"
Girl: "You know, the guy from that movie we saw...? That guy!"

Guy: "Right."
by bowlingbabe October 16, 2010
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