- A person who looks, talks, and acts exactly how other people, which you have grouped together as similar, operate in any given situation.
-That Guy

-The fat Hawaiian burger hut owner
-The rich fat Italian
-The fat Chinese kid (SEE CHUNK) who gets good grades and is at least top ten in the pokemon online challenge
-that black girl who takes your order at dirtys and even telemarkets to your cell phone
-the bald/balding short guy with glasses
-The ratty or rodent looking type
-goat looking type of people

by Richard6969 January 06, 2006
The guy who takes vacation at work but still comes to work to "catch up" or calls in everyday of their "vacation" to check on things.
"I am on vacation next week, it will give me ample opportunity to catch on on things in the office."

Dude, don't be 'that guy'
by MightyBean December 09, 2005
the king of falls
that guy fell again trying to kick the sack
by the chester June 10, 2004
Joshua Ledong Cheeseburger
Stop being such a fucking thatguy.
by urmom j. faggo December 13, 2003
it was that guy
by Nojar September 14, 2003
the person in line you point out for doing somthing stupid
hey Bryan Look at that guy he is so loud. Hey look at that guy he is so gay.
by cheryl September 12, 2003
That guy is the guy who does things for the girl hes with or the girl he likes in gratitude of her actions with him.
Cam: I want a massage.

Micki: I will give you a massage.
Cam: I will give you one back, I'm just That Guy.
by JesusCam August 12, 2014

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