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Noun(also see: player)
1. Captain of the Basketball Team
2. Coolest guy in school
3. A serious player with the ladies
1. John Tucker, captain of the basketball team, uses thongs for a nice breeze and perfect balance in order to score a basket.
2. Oh my god, John Tucker is definitely the coolest, sexpot of the school.
3. John Tucker Must Die, but why? He is a total two-timer.
by SexiNikki January 26, 2007
This is when you tuck your phallus away and dance just to see what it would look like to be a female. As long as you don't dance for more than one song and you only do it once you are not gay.
I am feeling super sexy and I am home alone. John Tucker time!

Dude I caught you doing a John Tucker to Katy Perry in the mirror. Just fess up!
by big jai jai October 18, 2012
A Pee pee that can be tucked snug between the two thighs and be completely hidden.
Son, If anyone tries touching your little stub, remember the trick i taught you. The ole JOHN TUCKER never fails.
by psylence July 11, 2015
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