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A very HOT Asian.
If you know one, consider yourself one of the luckiest person on Earth.
Yes, shes a 10.
Guy1: Hey you know Thao?
guy2: whos that?
guy1: mann, just kill yourself.
by princesschicken January 13, 2009
A common vietnamese name. Usually a very hot/pretty/hilarious chick or a very ugly chick. The name can be mis-pronounced as "Towel" / "Cow" / or "Tao".
A : Who's that hot chick right there?
B : It's Thao, she moved here 3 weeks ago!
by xTylorzzzzz December 14, 2008
cute , baby
my girlfriend is thao
by ubb January 02, 2010
1. a small marsupial from the country of Vietnam. Appears timid and shy, but when approached, can become vicious and has a high pitched squeel as an alert to get away. Incredibly outgoing, this creature is often seen in the background of tourist photos displaying a two finger pose with it's claws, in what looks like the shape of a peace sign. Thao's live off a balanced diet of shrimp noodles and tostada bowls. An endangered species, this animal has been relocated to UTC in California to be monitored and protected.
Caution: When approaching a Thao, do not make any sudden movements and remove all large framed sunglasses and purses.

2. a slang word meaning "slut" or "whore"
1. The sign at the zoo said "please do not feed the Thaos"

2. OO! That girl in the short skirt is a number 10 Thao!
by TLOVEST August 26, 2006
girls name, but if a guy has it then he has a huge dick
Wow that guy is a thao i would suck him up!
by imthecoolestguyever March 23, 2009
thao is dinner?
by thaonguyen June 06, 2009
A Budha looking charachter originating from Vietnam. His hobbies are killing Tanner and getting mad at other people. He is very quick to get angry and has a violence problem.
-Hey Bob
-Shut Uploser
-No need to get mad
-Get me noodles now
-No need to be such a Thao
by The Greatest (ever) October 11, 2007