It has went very far from it's traditional meaning. Thanksgiving is supposedly a holiday to give thanks, but you are not giving thanks at all. Nowdays it is a holiday is where you go see some obligatory in law or relative and stuff yourself with turkey, watch Detroit play football, zonk out, and stuff your gut with some more turkey after that. The women have to do all the cooking, dishes, etc. while the men just gorge on the food. But the women get revenge the next day...Black Friday shopping!
Typical guy on thanksgiving: Ah, turkey was good...lets watch Detroit beat the Bears...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
by Orbitron2012 November 01, 2012
The last Thursday in November, when white Americans celebrate the beginning of the rape and genocide of Native Americans by stuffing their fat belly's, as if they've ever needed a reason to eat.
I can't wait till tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner. I am going to eat so much, I will be shitting turkey and cranberry sauce for a week. And I'll say a prayer for all those Indians who died in the name of our greed and gluttony.
by rufus70 November 24, 2011
A day of reflection on what you should be thankful for; gratitude. America commemorates this day for the feast the Pilgrims had with the Wampanoag Indians in 1621.
Thanksgiving Day should be a day of reflection.
by tradesman December 10, 2003
The day white people celebrate being thankful for the land stolen from NATIVE Americans. A day soon to be stolen from everyone by Walmart.
Let us Native Americans be thankful for the white mans food stamps; so we can eat on this day of thanksgiving. Let us also remember the land that we once fed our families from.
by honeybadgermofo November 24, 2011
A celebratory holiday in the USA that no one else outside the USA quite understands.
British Person: "So Thanksgiving is basically just another Christmas? Do you get presents?"

Irish Person: "What sort of holiday takes place on a Thursday?"

Australian person: What? You eat marshmallows at the same time as turkey?

Chinese person: Is this gigantic Snoopy balloon some sort of Thanksgiving spirit animal?
by John Superman November 28, 2013
the day given to the 4th Thursday in November fixed by the National Holiday Act in the late 19th century to commemorate the first settlers having survived the beginnings of their time in the new world and their superiority of the Native Peoples because if it ain't white, it ain't right. Even though the Native Peoples saved them from certain starvation.
Best time to think Native People are inferior as a Thanksgiving message.
by Old Wolf November 25, 2011
The day that all Americans who work with non-americans go on and on about to excuse themselves from accepting more work - implying they will be absent and their office closed for ages, when actually it is just a single day!
Los Angeles: "oh we couldn't possibly guarantee that small project request because we have Thanksgiving coming up in three weeks".
UK: "but that's like one day!"
by a-winters-tail November 24, 2010
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