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1. a state of affairs existing between those engaged in a relationship based primarily on text message correspondence.

2. a relationship where having text is the primary goal.
We're in a committed, textual relationship because we text each other daily; though I'm afraid she's just using me for text!
by teddybeest October 26, 2010
12 5
A relationship based solely on text messaging--much like any good relationship based on solely on sex.
Friend: I see her looking at you . . . are you hittin' that yet?

Me: Nah, it's purely a textual relationship.
by Billdo. March 27, 2007
67 10
To have a relationship with someone through texting, but never talk, meet or interact with them in real-life. - Someone you text alot, but would never/rarely talk to in person.
Person 1 - Who are you texting?
Person 2 - Ashley.
Person 1 - Ashley? Really?
Person 2 - Yeah, we're in a textual relationship
by Cpl.Moran March 22, 2009
27 14
Synonym of "talking"
when two people are attracted to eachother,
anD get to know eachother through nothing but text messages.
Ex. Bobby and Cindy like eachother, but only have a textual relationship.

Their relationship is purely textual
by Fortissimo July 21, 2009
10 5
A person with whom you've exchanged cel phone numbers, but you never actually hang out, you just text each other occasionally.
She: Hey, I just got a text from Rajeev, remember when we met him at the park last year?

He: Yeah, you guys still hanging out?

She: Still? We haven't seen each other since we met - it seems we have a purely textual relationship.
by Bump Rider July 03, 2009
9 5
A text (or any electronic device) based relationship in which Geoff is infinitely cooler than Eman, regardless of her claims of superiority.
Despite her denial and views of reality, Sally knew in her heart that Bob was the one wearing the pants in their textual relationship.
by The United State Word Czar May 31, 2012
3 1
What losers and cheaters do. Loser women who can't get a man of their own text other womens' guys sexy fake stuff so the guy will feel all special. The cheater guys text back because they think they are special and this ho who texts them constantly really understands.
Jewel and Paul are having a textual relationship and Paul is about to lose his family over it.
by All in the Family May 13, 2010
6 10