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When you develop a small to large callus on the tips of your thumbs from excessive texting. Or when you develop "pads" or flattened harder areas on the tips of your thumbs.
"Dude, I think i've got texter's thumb, just look at this callus."


"Wow, that is some impressive texter's thumb."
"I know, I think i text too much."
#texting #texts #phones #messaging #twitter #status #updates #friends
by JaxinsWords January 07, 2010
When an individual suffers repetitive strain injury (RSI) in the first digit of the hand (thumb) from excessive text messaging.
Bill: 'Dude I wasn't ignoring you'

Bob: 'How do you explain that then'

Bill: 'My texter's thumb preventing me from contacting you!'
#rsi #thumb #injury #strain #repetitive
by yami100 June 12, 2010
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