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Involving sports such as skateboarding, or bike riding, or any other sport for that matter, and you fall, and land directly on your face.
That was a nice face plant when your bike hit that mud spot.
by Klepto May 20, 2003
A drug test where urine collection is the method for testing for drug use
Damnit...off to juvey...I failed my piss test again
by Klepto May 20, 2003
This is Aussie slang (so it is pronounced "tex-tah").
Can you pass me that texter so I can highlight this passage?
by Klepto March 16, 2005
Taking two different words to mean one, in the pattern that the first word relates to the second word, and the second word rhymes with the actual word.

As with the classic example, dog and bone (meaning phone), dog relates to bone, and bone rhymes with phone.
Hurry up with the dog and bone! I need to call Katie!

You wanting some posh and becks?
by klepto November 26, 2004
Other than refering to the celeb couple, this can refer to sex.

In a way similar to dog and bone, created by taking a word that rhymes with sex (becks) and adding a related word (posh), making "sex" become "posh and becks".
Lets run up the stairs for some posh and becks.
by klepto November 26, 2004
Crazy Cock Lover
Easy Eric M is a CCL because of his infatuation with HBO.
by KLEPTO June 06, 2003
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